Music Collection

An easy and comfortable way to organize your music.


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Music Collection is an application that allows you to organize all of the music on your computer, as well as your physical discs, to have control of your music collection at any given moment.

The program allows you to add artists, albums and songs at will, allowing you to do it manually or using an Amazon link so that it does all the work for you. Thus you can obtain all of the information (cover included) of any disc within a matter of seconds.

The basic interface of the program will show you all of the discs that you have on the lateral bar, leaving the rest of the window so that you can see the information and the corresponding songs. What's more, you can even combine the lyrics of the songs so that by just clicking the name of one of them you can read them.

Music Collection is one of the many music organization tools that exist, and thanks to the capacity to import data from Amazon and the distinct options with regards to statistics from your music library offered, it manages to be one of the best.
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